- 5 years warranty
- New non-haz battery
- Fits existing brackets
- New state of the art technology, improved visibility
- Incorporated into Jotron recycle program

Complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations. MED and FCC approved.


Article numbers

83050     Tron 40S MkII Complete main unit
                 82819   User manual

99897     Programming (Country, Call Sign, MMSI)
85216      FB-6 Float-free Bracket, automatic release, w/protective cover (pic)
                 80414 Hydrostatic release mechanism
97777      FBH-4 Float-free Bracket, automatic release, with heating
                 97821 Hydrostatic release mechanism
                 92410 Thermostat in junction box

                 Spare parts:
83051      Tron 40S MkII, electronic unit
83056      Battery, Tron 40S MkII, 5 years maintenance kit
                 Battery unit
                 91476 Rubber gasket
                 91478 U-bolt
                 83062 Label, operation
                 91477 Equator ring
                 91479 Safety pin
                 83063 Label, battery
80414      Hydrostatic release mechanism for FB-6
                 Includes: Special bolt with washer & cotter pin
97821      Hydrostatic release mechanism for FBH-4
                 97745 Special bolt with washer

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