The Simrad PX MultiSensor is an innovative multifunction sensor for the Simrad PI catch monitoring systems.

The Simrad PX MultiSensor provides a combination of two readings. It can be used to measure Pitch, Roll, Spread, Height, Depth or Geometry – it all depends on which type of PX MultiSensor you have chosen.

The Simrad PX MultiSensor is available in two different types:

  • Down & Side (DS)
  • Down & Front (DF)

The two names indicate the physical location of the application transducers. On the Down & Side (DS) sensor, these point sideways and downwards. On the Down & Front (DF) sensor, these point forward and downwards. Both sensor types hold the forward looking transducer to provide the communication with the PI system on your vessel.

Each of the two sensor types (DS and DF) can be delivered with dedicated sensor lids. These lids provide you with the means to measure depth, temperature and catch.

The Simrad PX MultiSensor can be programmed to suit your need at the time of use. One PX MultiSensor can thus replace several traditional PI or PS sensors. All you need to program the sensor is a computer, a free application that you can download from this website, and a dedicated programming cable.

The Simrad PX MultiSensor is equipped with a custom made Li-Ion battery package and a new charger. With this battery, the PX MultiSensor offers significantly longer operation when compared with previous generation Simrad sensors.


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